Heart Of Hearts Paper Pack


Sending love made easy!

With the Heart Of Hearts Paper Pack it's super easy to create pretty cards or handmade gift wrappers.

Print & Create

Just print the Heart Of Hearts papers on your favourite paper and they are ready to cut or tear, glue or tape, tone down or up, you can go any way with them. Because your way is the best way on your art project!

What do you get?

  • 8 papers in landscape version (flat rectangle ➡️)
  • 8 papers in portrait version (upright rectangle ⬆️)
  • a total of 16 colourful paper designs

Ready to get the Pack?

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The Heart Of Hearts paper Pack is handcrafted for you. You are free to use and enjoy them for both personal and commercial work. However, copying or reselling them is not allowed.

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16 different designs printable PDF File

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16 pages
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Heart Of Hearts Paper Pack

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