Cute Mouse Surprise Template Pack🐭


Cute Surprise

This pack contains everything to make and decorate a Cute Mouse Surprise. Templates, deco-bit, and words are all included in the pack.

All you need to add is paper or a piece of cloth and a small gift for the body.

What do I get?

A PDF file containing

  • Two printable sheets with the cute mouse template in 5 different sizes
  • I printable sheet with deco-bits, flowers, hearts & bows in different shapes and sizes
  • 1 sheet with fun words in black on white
  • 1 sheet with the same fun words white on black

Print, Cut & Embellish

Print the Mouse on your favorite paper and cut it out along the inside of the lines. Print the deco-bits and colour them with your medium of choice and use them to decorate and finish with a word. Easy Peasy!

Do you want to make a Cute Mouse Surprise?

  • To get your copy, add the amount you want to pay in the price box ($4.99 or more)
  • Then click the I want this box, this will take you to the checkout page

The Cute Mouse Surprise is handcrafted for you. You are free to use and enjoy them for both personal and commercial work. However, copying or reselling them is not allowed.

Looking for inspiration? Below is a short video on how to assemble.

Watch the video
  • a used coloured wet wipe makes a great body. Tissue paper, kitchen paper, a tissue or wrapping paper are great alternatives.
  • Candy, other small treats as well as mini stationery make great body fillings.
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templates, deco-bits, words to finish

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Cute Mouse Surprise Template Pack🐭

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