Card Directionals


Gorgeous but how do they open?

Fancy Fold or Fun Fold cards are gorgeous but it's not always obvious to the receiver how they can be opened. You could add a sticky note with some directions but that looks kinda weird and it's not super pretty.

Add a direction!

Here is the solution, add one of the directionals in a matching colour to the card. The pack contains tags in 10 different colours with both black and white directions as well as neutral black and white tags.

Making it a total of 23 pages with Card Directionals to add to your designs.

Print & Cut

Print the Directionals on your favourite paper, cut out the one you need and add it to the card to give the direction a card can be opened. Easy Peasy!

OR use them as embellishments on your Cards in Art Journals on Scrapbook Pages, you can go any way with them. Because your way is the best way on your art project!

Ready to get the Pack?

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The Card Directionals are handcrafted for you. You are free to use and enjoy them for both personal and commercial work. However, copying or reselling them is not allowed.

Looking for inspiration?

If you want to make cards to go along with these Directionals then check out the POP-UP card video.

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23 Printable Sheets - 10 colours combined with black and white - 2 sheets in neutral black and white

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24 pages
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Card Directionals

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